Sta-Rite 5P6R Pool Pump

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Product Overview

The Sta-Rite 5P6R an efficient and reliable work horse of a swimming pool pump

Designed to stay durable even in the toughest of conditions the Sta-Rite 5P6R swimming pool pump uses materials (Dura-Glass) which have been created to provide maximum corrosion and heat resistance. Trials have shown the Sta-Rite 5P6R swimming pool pump performs even through large variations in temperature. Because of it efficiency in moving large volumes of water, the Sta-Rite 5P6R will bring your running costs down and reliability and longevity up. Sizes range between 0.55 Kilowatt to 2.2Kw and come in single or 3 phase versions. The Sta-Rite 5P6R has speedy access to the strainer basket for cleaning via the "Quick Lock Trap Cover" which is easy to check through the extra large transparent lid.

Sta-Rite 5P6R Swimming Pool Pump Features

  • The base is constructed to reduce vibration and noise.
  • Self priming the Sta-Rite 5P6R is capable of a suction lift 4.5 metres above the swimming pool water level.
  • The Noryl (a blend of polyphenylene oxide & polystyrene) Impeller is built to weather the toughest of water conditions.




Sta-Rite (SW)5P6R swimming pool pump dimensions

"A" = 667mm MAX


(No reviews yet) Write a Review